Director: Aiman Ariffin
Writer: Ayyub Yusof
Producer: Shankari Sukumaran
Cast: Mia Sabrina Mahadir, Adilia Myra, Afia

An Indonesian domestic worker who accidentally drowned her employer’s infant now faces the dilemma of whether to run away from the country with her daughter or to stay and face the consequences.

TOP 10

Act.1 Journey to Guang

Director: Kyo Chen
Writer: Kyo Chen
Producer: Melissa Lim, Mickey Lai
Cast: Lim Soek Yuen, Kyo Chen, Zai Zai

The short film is a true life-inspired story, revolving around a local Malaysian actor – Kyo Chen Chong Wei. This story is about the journey Kyo Chen Chong Wei went through when playing the main role of “Guang” accompanied by his late mother who was suffering from terminal lung cancer. However, his mother left this world before the movie premiered. The son found a way using this short film shown every scene in reversed sequences back to the glorious moment to make the most sincere farewell with his mother.

X + Y

Director: Chen Pui Yu
Writer: Chen Pui Yu
Producer: Chin Siong Chew
Cast: Yue Weng Hong, Cathrine She Kai Teng, Miow Sin Yoke, Tha Kok Chong

Hao Yu is a 17-year-old boy who lives in a world full of formulas and equations. In this world, people make every decision through calculating formulas. Without doing that, it is considered as illegal. Hao Yu is tired of this kind of live. One day, he meets a girl called Zi Yu laying in an alley with wounds all over her body. Hao Yu notices that Zi Yu is the wanted suspect he saw in the TV News that did not calculate formulas before helping others. He decides to save Zi Yu and starts asking for help on the street, but everyone around him keeps on calculating the formula and isn’t willing to help. Hao Yu feels anxious and helpless. At the end, he realizes that sometimes things should remain the way it should be and people have no choice but to obey. So he starts calculating the formula

Desakan Dewasa ( Hope & Despair)

Director: Johanna Johan
Writer: Johanna Johan
Producer: Ahmad Izzat Latip
Cast: Habielutfillah, Bront Palare, Mak Wan, Sashi Tharan

Desakan Dewasa is a tale of Asib having to face adulthood before his time. He has a deep desire to go to school and learn like any other children his age  but fate take a cruel turn on him; as he had to fend for himself and grandmother. His grandmother is disabled due to tragic accident that took both of Asib’s parent lives and her ability to walk. The unfortunate accident left Asib take care for his grandmother and himself.  This is a story of hope and despair, where everyone’s action is based on the merit of desperate acts and needing something.

Never Was The Shade

Director: Lim Kean Hian
Writer: Lim Kean Hian
Producer: Adric Chong Kiam Yen, Neoh Ruo Ning
Cast: Steve Yap, Pablo Amirul

John and Arif is a pair of brothers whom have a same father but different mother. Their father just past away. John and Arif arguing if waiting for their sister to come back from oversea and delay the funeral of their father.


Director: Zulaikha Zakaria,
Writer: Zulaikha Zakaria
Producer: Ikhlas Khaled Novel
Casts: Sharifah Aleysha, Hajjah Zuriah, Josephine Yeong, James Lim

Her passion for ballet never comes in the way of abiding her religion. However, when Suraya lands a desired role for a special Adam & Eve performance, her priority becomes an obstacle as she slowly falls off- balance and breaks the rule of Islam, alongside her relationship with her mother. She finds herself in a situation where choice, is inevitable.

It’s Easier to Raise Cattle

Director: Amanda Nell Eu
Writer: Amanda Nell Eu
Producer: Gan Hui Yee
Cast: Sharifah Aryana Binti Syed Zainal Rashid, Sofia Sabri

Two teenage outcasts form an uncanny friendship in their remote village. As one discovers the other’s dark secrets, she observes the changes in her new friend to the point of violence, monstrosity and affection.


Director: Tan Ce Ding
Writer: Andy Darrel Gomes, Tan Ce Ding
Producer: Edward Lim, Tan Ce Ding
Cast: Hawa Khadeejah, Vincent Wong, Syed Abduk Razak, Nik Waheeda

In the post- apocalyptic Malaysia, little girl Hawa is locked in her room by her parents. To kill time, she plays around in the room and entertains herself. Everything changes the day Meng arrives at the house next door. His presence, although unwelcome will soon spark a journey. Little did they know, horror and danger beyond their wildest imagination awaits.

Aman Nak Besar? (When it’s Time to Grow Up)

Director: Affendi Azizan
Writer: Affendi Azizan, Yow Chong Lee
Producer: Yow Chong Lee
Cast: Azril Aqasha, Syarafina Abdullah, Rozaihan Matrasin

When it’s Time to Grow Up depicts the story of a boy, Aman and his journey to undergo circumcision. Accompanied by his parents, a yin and yang couple of nagging wife mixed with a literally mute husband, Aman observes and learns through this special day of him in a seemingly mundane everyday life.


Director: Cheng Thim Kian
Writer: Cheng Thim Kian
Producer: Cheng Thim Kian & Yong See Yee
Cast: Sam Chong, Josephine Yeong, Mandy Chen

Mon, a native Rohingya born and grew up in Malaysia, is about to get her first salary after worked for the café for 2 months and 10 days. The Boss, however, not giving her the amount she should have it. Instead of it, he starts deduce the money based on the mistakes that Mon have done, but