Full Screening And Ticketing Schedule Unveiled;
Ann Hui To Be Given Lifetime Achievement Award


KUALA LUMPUR, 8th February 2018 – The 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) unveiled the ticket schedule for the MIFFest screening. There are two categories: Individual tickets and ticket packages. The public is able to purchase the individual ticket through our festival ticket agent – Ticket Charge. Ticket packages are able to purchase through MIFFest hotline. The tickets are available online starting from February 9, Friday at 10 am.

2nd Malaysia International Film Festival opening ceremony will be held on 25th February at TGV Cinemas – Sunway Velocity and the official selection films will screen atTGV Cinemas -SuriaKLCC. Online ticket sale will be available via Ticket Charge website www.ticketcharge.com.my or contact ticketing hotline 03 – 9222 8811. For more information, please visit the official MIFFest social media page, contact us at 03 – 5622 1600 or email to pr@mgga.com.my for further information.


2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards also announced that veteran Hong Kong director, Ann Hui, 71, would receive a lifetime achievement award by the 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards on March 3. Ann Hui is one of the industry’s most respected and innovative film director.The Secret (1979) was Hui’s first feature-length film which let her quickly came to be known as one of the leading figures of the Hong Kong New Wave film movement. She first came to international prominence in the early ’80s with Boat People (1982), a drama about the horrors of life under communism in post-liberation Vietnam.

Hui may have directed fewer than 30 films in a career that has spanned nearly four decades, but she holds the record for most wins in the category of Best Director Awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards. She also receives the Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award from the Busan International Film Festival.

Unlike other directors, Hui has little interest in personal style and focuses instead on subject matters, events and characters. She is willing to adapt style and genre to the stones.To acknowledge her contribution to Asian Cinema and to recognize her spirit that produced outstanding works of the generation, the organization is proud to commemorate her extraordinary achievements in the presentation awards night.

“Ann Hui is a true icon and captured the hearts of everyone. She is a true role model and inspiration for the young director. We are proud to honor her at the Malaysia Golden Global Awards and celebrate her incredible career,” said Chairman of the Malaysia Golden Global Awards.The Malaysia Golden Global Awards is presented to honor and acknowledge a longstanding career and an outstanding achievement in cinema. It recognizes a notable figure that has made significant contribution and accomplishment spanning a career in the film industry.


Malaysia famous host Owen Yap and Daphne Iking will jointly host in the 2nd Malaysia Golden Global Awards. Owen Yap is a familiar face in the news anchor and model line. He has won several awards for best host in a variety program. He even got spotted and interviewed in a TV show in Moldova while travelling in Eastern European country. Meanwhile, Daphne Ikingis a recognizable face and rose to fame in 2004 as a host of reality show Explorace. She was nominated in the Malaysian Shout! Awards as the host of The Breakfast Show for twice. Audience can expect how the chemistry will be between Owen Yap and Daphne Iking!