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KUALA LUMPUR, 17th NOVEMBER 2017 – Jazzy Pictures and Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) are pleased to announce that the legendary Hong Kong Director John Woo is coming to Malaysia! We will have a Symposium at Big Screen MBO, Starling Mall on 16th November 2017, 11 AM.

With the accumulation for reputation and market of “violent aesthetics”, John Woo has succeeded played his fame spread throughout the world. He has filmed a lot of Hollywood movies; he even rolling about in the film industry for a half century. Woo also became a proud of Chinese as he was presented with a Golden Lion award for a lifetime achievement at the Venice International Film Festival in 2010. Although those films which directed by John mostly are full of violence, but the heroes in the movie are always bleeding and tears.

This chance, besides bringing John Woo’s new directed movie back into Malaysia. The respected director Woo, who has directed more than hundred movies will have this precious chance to get in touch with fans to share his experiences in the filming industry, meantime, there is a closer interaction with John Woo’s fans. Two tickets of the movie amounting RM 50 have to be pre purchased from organizer to set a complimentary ticket to enter the symposium. Please send your RSVP to jazzypictures1600@gmail.com to reserve your seat.

Below are the details for the Symposium:
Date : 16th November 2017
Time : 11 AM
Venue : Big Screen, MBO Cinema, The Starling Mall
Speaker : Director John Woo

For more information, please visit Jazzy Pictures’s official social media or email to jazzypictures1600@gmail.com.

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传奇人物吴宇森临驾大马 前所未有的电影分享会仅此一场



吴宇森导演凭借“暴力美学”所积攒的声誉和市场,吴宇森成功在世界打出名声,拍过多部好莱坞电影,也在电影行业中打滚了半个世纪之久。2010年,曾在威尼斯电影节荣获终身成就金狮奖,成为了华人之光。吴宇森所执导的电影部部都是一场视觉盛宴,每一部电影总是让人热血沸腾。 除了著名华语盗匪片《纵横四海》,电影《变脸》更是赢得首个北美票房冠军的吴氏暴力美学佳作。继《赤壁》及《太平轮》后,吴宇森终于回归时装动作片之作,翻拍了影响他电影生涯的经典作品 -《追捕》。



日期 :2017年11月16日 (星期四)
时间 :早上11时
地点 :Big Screen MBO, The Starling Mall
主讲人 :吴宇森 导演

有兴趣参与的影迷们可将联络方式及个人资料,电邮至主办单位的官方电邮地址jazzypictures1600@gmail.com 。千万不要错过这个可以零距离朝圣的机会!欲知更多详情可浏览官方社交媒体或拨打至 03-56221600。

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