We are proud to present, Malaysia’s International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards, in 2017. Malaysia Golden Global Awards is set off to promote Malaysia and international film production by recognizing and rewarding excellent films makers. Simultaneously, aiming to introduce Malaysia’s film, art and culture to the world and develop our country’s tourism industry above all.

We are proud to announce that this event will be planned by a group of influential and outstanding individuals from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Europe. In addition, we are honored to receive personal assistance from Mr. Wen Tien Hsiang (CEO of Taiwan Golden Horse Awards) to ensure the success of this event.

We are targeting to have more than 20 countries delegates to participate in this Malaysia International Film Festival. Besides, it would draw more that 20,000 people to attend the film festival.


•To promote Malaysia and international film production
•To recognize Malaysia and international film and outstanding filmmakers
•Introducing Malaysia film, arts and culture to the world and in turns of a cultural exchange with different country
•To develop Malaysia tourism industry


“Cinema as Entertainment and Arts”




To let the enthusiasm and passionate filmmakers all around world to promote their films together and to let them to embrace freedom of film making while achieve their dreams.


Malaysia Golden Global Awards’s Trophy Design Concept

The human statuette holding up a ring of film reel symbolize each frames of the films are joint together from one point to another to create an unique films to the world. Films allow people all around the world to truly feel and understand each other’s cultural traditions which reflects their social’s lifestyle.