Director: Bebbra Mailin
Writer: Bebbra Mailin
Producer: Nadira Ilana
Cast: Jovenea Jim, Dianna Gilbert, Edward Sinsong

Ninavau, a native Kadazan woman returns from Peninsular Malaysia to her devout Catholic family in Sabah – with a change of heart.



Director: Adam Zainal
Writer: Arya Ilyasa
Producer: Ashley Tong
Cast: Mawar Remy, Hannan Kamaruddin, Aishah Soraya

In a world of teenagers when revolving around gossiping, slut-shaming, fat-shaming, sexism and racism, Kantoi tells a story of Alia who is having a dilemma of whether to tell her bestfriend, Raihan that the positive pregnancy test that they found is actually hers. Raihan is a typical high school girl who loves to tell and hear gossips and she is also the principal’s daughter which makes it harder for Alia to tell her.Out of Raihan’s persuasion, they go on a hunt to find out who’s test it is but as the story progresses, they meet their other school mates, and uncovering other dramas, Alia’s dilemma grew bigger. In the end, both Alia and Raihan suffer consequences for their actions. Alia’s indecisiveness leads to someone else taking the blame for her positive pregnancy test and Raihan’s obsessiveness of finding out gossips leads to the destruction of her friendship with Alia.

Kampung Tapir

Director: Aw See Wee
Writer: Aw See Wee
Producer: Ooi Wei Seng
Cast: Ivelaine Sim Cian Kit, Chua Sek Khim, Koh Hya Tong

A Sunday afternoon, migrant worker Anne and her husband leave their five years old daughter from Kampung Tapir (Tapir Village), Malaysia. On the way to Singapore, the bus their ride hit a wild Malayan tapir which wanted to cross the road, but no one is eager to save it. In the struggling of choosing a country to settle down, Anne founds that she is like this endangered species, still drifting places to find their own better life.