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Great Human Stories Remain At The Heart Of 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival And Malaysia Golden Global Awards


KUALA LUMPUR, 17 May 2017, Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) and Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) today announced key dates for its’ inaugural return, following the success of surpassing over 100,000 audiences last year.

The 2nd MIFFest will run from 25th February 2018 to 2nd March 2018, while the 2nd MGGA is set for 3rd March 2018. This year, MIFFest and MGGA unveil ‘Humanity’ as the main theme and key message for the film festival. A new design concept was created to represent the 2 faces of humanity, which are ‘Despair’ and ‘Hope’.

Hope is a common theme in films, as hope means to bring joy and excitement that is arguably the most basic desire people long for. It is the most life-affirming aspect that people share, a common hope. At the other end of the spectrum is despair; all our lives are touched by moments of loss, grief, tragedies and despair. Films educate everyone on how to handle these moments of extreme loss and despair, and how to move on from these moments with empathy and fortitude. These two elements will be presented in all the movies chosen to be displayed at the MIFFest. Film enthusiasts can look forward to the film festival as forums and workshops will be conducted by renowned filmmakers at MIFFest.

To discover talents of the creative arts, cinematic and entertainment industry, 2nd MIFFest is bringing in a new category: ‘Southeast Asian Film Focus’. This will open the doors for filmmakers from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore to showcase their films in the film festival. MIFFest created ‘Southeast Asian Film Focus’ to highlight the diversity of cinematic creation and the richness of films in Southeast Asia, as well as to stimulate the creativity of Southeast Asian filmmakers.

With the support of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and Tourism Malaysia, MIFFest will showcase 20 local and international films from around the world. Whereas MGGA will have 2 new award categories this year; ‘Best Supporting Actor‘ and ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in addition to recognizing the achievements of 8 different categories as previous year; ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Actress’, ‘Best Director’, ‘Best New Director’, ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Screenplay’, ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. Winning recipients are rewarded based on their commitment to humanitarian efforts and selfless contributions to improve the lives of others.

“These events celebrate uniqueness and champion humanity. To recognize and honour human excellence through films that inspire, enlighten and uplift the human spirit. MIFFest and MGGA help to promote tourism and diversity of Malaysian arts and cultures to the global audience, it also aims to strengthen Malaysia’s position as a major leading creative hub of film and cinema within the ASEAN region”, proudly said Joanne Goh, Chairman of MIFFest and MGGA.

Kindly visit our official websites at http://www.mgga.com.my and http://www.miffest.com.my for more information. Please don’t hesitate to email us at pr@mgga.com.my for any further queries.

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今年马来西亚国际电影节与金環奖依然获得国家电影发展局(FINAS)及马来西亚旅游促进局(Tourism Malaysia)的鼎力支持,主办单位表示将会展出20部本地与国外电影,必定让电影节更加华丽鼎盛。另外,金環奖也会新添两项奖项类别,分别是“最佳男配角”及“最佳女配角”, 并承认上届8个奖项类别的成就,分别是 “最佳男主角”,“最佳女主角”,“最佳导演”,“最佳新晋导演”,“最佳电影”,“最佳编剧”,“最佳摄影”以及“终身成就奖”。


欲知更多详情,请浏览www.miffest.com.mywww.mgga.com.my 也可电邮至 marketing@mgga.com.my 询问详情。

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