(KUALA LUMPUR, 28th February 2018) – Organized by Malaysia International Film Festival and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, “Taiwan Cinema Gala Night” will be held tonight at Dorsett KL. There will be a press conference at 7pm before the party starts. The chairman of the Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards, Joanne Goh, Representative Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in MalaysiaJames Chang, Director of Culture Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in MalaysiaPeggy Chou, Taiwan’s director and casts will attend the gala night.


Film not only plays a significant part in our life but it also the medium of international cultural exchange. Malaysia International Film Festival is honourable to collaborate with Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia to organized “Taiwan Cinema Gala Night” for promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries, to explore the potential for future cooperation and also to promote a better cultural understanding of filmmaking. Both of the countries collaborate for the first time at the film festival in order to strengthen cultural ties between two countries, promote filmmaking and cultural transmission for the development of the Chinese film industry. “Taiwan Cinema Gala Night” is a platform to gather filmmakers to discuss and share insights and experiences about filmmaking.


The 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival also added a special film screening category named “Made In Taiwan”, which consists of the films, “A Fish Out of Water” and “Missing Johnny” to let the Malaysia audiences have a platform to experience the Taiwan’s film culture. Taiwan film has its own rich history and culture. These can be seen from Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival and Kaohsiung Film Festival. Other than film screening, MIFFest has also organized a forum named “Taiwan Cinema Forum: New Era of Taiwan Cinema”. This forum gathered all essential persons in film production, which are the director, producer and cinematographer to have a deep discussion on the influence of the Taiwan film, current growth and future of Taiwan film industry. All of the guests are welcomed to attend and expound on film, elements and productions of filmmaking and life.


Malaysia International Film Festival is to build a unique experience of Malaysian arts and culture to a world-wide audience. The film festival will be held from 25th February to 2nd March 2018 at Sungei Wang and the screening will be held at TGV Cinemas, Suria KLCC. Online ticket sale for the section films will be available via Ticket Charge and TGV website. For more information, please visit the official MIFFest social media page, contact us at 03 – 5622 1600 or email to pr@mgga.com.my for further information.