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Time For Malaysian Filmmakers To Shine
Malaysia International Film Festival (Miffest) Short Film Competition Is Back

KUALA LUMPUR, 4th September 2017 –The Malaysia International Film Festival Short Film Competition is calling for entries! This competition aims to encourage local independent filmmakers and aspiring young showcase their hidden talents through this international platform. In addition, it discovers and foster more potential talents for the local scene. Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) and Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) provide an opportunity and international platform for local film cooperation to introduce Malaysian film and culture to the world.

For this time, the short film competition has set its as ‘Humanity: Hope & Despair’. ‘Humanity’ has 2 different faces which are ‘Hope’ and ‘Despair’. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Despair is the feeling that life is without hope. Short film which brings out the value of humanity will be welcome by the competition. Different men have their own definition of humanity, the jury are hoping to see a distinct side of expressing the value of humanity. This competition is only open to all citizens in Malaysia. The aim of this competition is to educate, inspire and motivate the young generation in life through films on the theme of ‘Humanity’.

Public Award is a new category added by this year in short film competition. Apart from the juries, audience’s voice is also an important one on both sides of the aisle. This year, the winner of the award will not only be decided by the Jury, but also general public through an online voting system. The organiser will announces the TOP 10 short films which nominated by the juries and the public may vote their favourite short films within the TOP 10 on MIFFest and MGGA official Facebook page. The winner will be selected through public voting (30% weight) and Jury (70% weight).

Entries are only acceptable through online application. Students receive submission waiver when entries accompanied by a legitimate student ID or official letter from the learning institution as proof of current student. Aside of that, filmmakers just need to pay only RM20 to submit entries. The submission of short film competition will run from 1st September 2017 till 3rd November 2017. The organiser only accept short films that no longer than 20 minutes.

The grand winner and the winner of Public Award will be announced on 15th January 2018. Winner will walk away with exciting prizes including RM 2,000 cash, film screening movie pass to MIFFest and a pair of VIP MGGA tickets worth RM1000. The winning films will be screened during 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival opening ceremony.
For more information and rules and regulation, kindly visit our official websites at www.mgga.com.my and www.miffest.com.my. Please don’t hesitate to email us at pr@mgga.com.my for any inquiries.

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短片竞赛将会于2018年1月15日公布冠军及网络票选奖得主。冠军得主可以获得RM 2,000现金、第二届马来西亚国际电影节电影入场券及两张各价值RM1,000的第二届马来西亚金環奖贵宾席入场券。与此同时,获得冠军及网络票选的短片作品将有机会在第二届马来西亚国际电影节的开幕典礼中上映,让国内外所有的电影人一同欣赏这一部荣誉短片。

欲知更多资讯,请浏览www.miffest.com.my 或 www.mgga.com.my 也可电邮至 pr@mgga.com.my 询问更多详情。

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