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The Talent Emcees Of Malaysia Golden Global Awards

Malaysia famous host Owen Yap and Harith Iskander will jointly host Malaysia’s first ever film awards, “Golden Global Awards” ceremony. Owen Yap is a familiar face in the emcee and model line. He has won several awards for best host in a variety program. Harith Iskander, meanwhile, rose to fame in 1992 as a host. Known as the Godfather of Stand-Up Comedy in Malaysia, audience can expect Harith Iskander performing topical monologues in the show.


In addition to the awards presentation, there are many wonderful and exciting performance will be presented to the audience. The organizer is honoured to invite a star-studded line-up of famous and outstanding artists include Sheila Majid, Dennis Lau, Victor Wong and Shila Amzah to perform during the awards night.

Malaysia’s foremost singing sensation, professionally known as “Malaysia’s Queen of Jazz”, Sheila Majid will also make her presence with full support in the first Golden Global Awards. With her ultra-sensual vocals and uplifting musical approach, audiences are quickly infected by the rhythm of her music and her powerful, melancholy melodies.

One of Malaysia’s most renowned violinists and songwriter, Dennis Lau will also serve as the show’s performance artist. Lau began his musical adventure with the piano and became one of the youngest ever in Malaysia to reach Grade 8 by the age of 11. Dennis was subsequently awarded for Outstanding Performance in Violin and he is now an accomplished musician with many years of experience under his belt. <Love Like This> is the most remarkable work that collaborated with Lee An, a famous singer in Korea.

Victor Wong is one of the most famous artists in the whole of Malaysia. Some of the international music awards where he had won and was nominated include” Global Chinese Pop Chart Awards Ceremony “and “Hito Pop Music Awards – Best Male Singer”. His soulful renditions are extremely soothing and pleasant to the ears which explain Wong has been a crowd favourite for so many years now. Wong also mentioned that he is looking forward to perform at his own country.

Golden Global Awards has also invited “Malaysian National Treasure”, Shila Amzah to celebrate the first film awards presentation with a performance. Initially starting off as a Malay-language artist, Shila Amzah shot to Chinese stardom when she made her sparkling debut on <Asian Wave> and <I Am A Singer 2>. She has received a number of accolades for her achievements and she even has gained honorific titles such as “Princess of Music”.

Malaysia Golden Global Awards will take place on 5th March 2017, Sunday, 8pm at the Arena of Stars in Resorts World Genting. Kindly visit our official websites www.miffest.com.my or www.mgga.com.my for further information. Please do email us at marketing@mgga.com.my for any inquiries.
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